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At the very end of the derb, an old door with a heavy cast-iron door knocker opens to the smile of Essaadia, who welcomes you. She is at your service 8 hours a day and knows all the secrets of the salads, tajines and other delights of Moroccan cuisine. You need only ask.


Staggered entrance (this is a tradition in the Moroccan residence to ensure the privacy of the house).
The patio with its fragrant flowers, outdoor lounge (the "Bhou") and breakfast nook
Two bedrooms, each with a bathroom, separate or double beds.
The kitchen, the realm of Essaadia….but the refrigerator is open to everyone.


Gallery on all four sides overlooking the orange and lemon trees in the patio The lounge and its open fireplace.
A bedroom with a superb wooden ceiling and a bathroom. Single or double beds. A suite (bedroom and lounge) with a bathroom. This room can be converted into two separate bedrooms.


Unobstructed view over Koutoubia mosque (less than 150 metres away), a place for rest and relaxation under the Berber tent, or solarium for enthusiasts.
An extra bedroom occupied especially during the hot summer nights.